Dogus University Double Major for all Undergraduate Programs

Dogus University gives dual degree possibility for its students.

The developing world and the conditions that increase the competition in business life have resulted in equipped graduates taking the lead in every sector. Monitoring the developments in the world and the expectations of business life, Doğuş University reflects these needs and developments on its academic programs in the most appropriate way and gives a special importance to its double major programs. Completing a double major program paves the way for students to acquire a different understanding and experience in a field other than theirs and to graduate with two different diplomas and two different career paths.  Given to students of Doğuş University, this opportunity not only increases the number of doors open for them but also makes these students the preferable workforce in demand. Additionally, it increases the number of options in terms of career planning. It is possible in Doğuş University to do a double major in all the undergraduate programs. The double major programs are designed in accordance with the similarity between the disciplines’ and the courses’ content.

On the other hand, completing a minor is also another important opportunity for students of Doğuş University as well as double major program. Minor programs provide students with a general knowledge on fields other than their major programme. Additional to the undergraduate diploma, students completing a minor program obtain a certificate. Students can apply for a minor program in all undergraduate programs.

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