Karadeniz Technical University Examination for Foreign Students (KTUYOS)

Karadeniz Technical University examination for foreign students (KTUYOS) results has been announced.
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KTUYOS is an examination for overseas or foreign national students who wish to receive instruction at Karadeniz Technical University. The results of this exam can be used when applying for Karadeniz Technical University overseas or foreign students’ quotas. This examination is conducted by Karadeniz Technical University, and the results are valid for two years.

The KTUYOS results are necessary for applicants who wish to enroll in associate degree and undergraduate degree programs. They cannot be used for the transfer procedure for those who are studying in higher education (undergraduate transfer) or in the selection and placement procedure for those who would like to receive post-graduate education in KTU.

For checking the exam results: http://yos.ktu.edu.tr/users