Undergraduate Admissions

About undergraduate admissions

Each Turkish University sets its own admission criteria and decides which applicants meet those criteria. Therefore applications by degree-seeking international students to an undergraduate program must be made directly to the Student Affairs Office of the respective university.

Upon receiving the necessary documents from the applicant, the faculty boards evaluate the application status of each applicant.  Interviews may be arranged with the candidate via e-mail or telephone if necessary. Upon acceptance of the application, the applicant obtains the right to study at the university and to register for the upcoming semester.

Who can apply?

International candidates who are currently a senior in a high school or have already earned a high school diploma equivalent to Turkish high school diploma and who satisfy the application criteria stated below may apply for undergraduate programs in Turkey.

How to find the most suitable program?

Study in Turkey team recommends you to intensively search for a suitable program via the program search engine at StudyInTurkey.Com. You will learn more about the universities that interest you, and choose the right program for you by the help of this search engine. After you shortlist the programs you favour, you should investigate further the university, faculty and program at their official web pages. Please do not forget to mention that you learned about the school from Study in Turkey.

How to apply?

In 2010, YOK (Higher Education Institute) made new arrangements for Foreign Student Examination called YOS and foreign students studying at universities in Turkey.

According to these new regulations starting from 2011, the YOS exam will no longer be centrally made by OSYM. Instead, universities will set their own criteria about admissions of international students and organize Examinations for Foreign Students (YOS) in their own terms.

Therefore, prospective students should apply separately to each university. Before applying to any program, it is strongly advised that you should contact the Admissions Office to figure out which documents or exams are required by the selected program. 

Not all, but some universities provide students with the amenities of online application and registration system. To ensure, please check out the university's official website. Yet, most schools require students to submit applications in person. 

What are the requirements?

Following documents may be required to submit to the Admissions Office.

     • International Student Application Form 
     • High School Diploma
     • An Official Transcript 
     • Language Proficiency Score (The required score from language exams will still depend on the school to which applicant applies. Students who are not able to take one of the international language tests (TOEFL, IELTS etc.) may take the university's proficiency test upon arrival. Those who fail the proficiency test must take the Language program of the university before beginning the academic study. This preparatory year is not included in the total number of years of study required for graduation. For further information on application procedures please contact the Admissions Office of the respective university.) 
     • An Essay (Write a short essay explaining why you want to attend this school, what course of study you want to pursue, and your career goals.)
     • Application Fee (The fee for each application ranges between USD35 and 100. This pays for processing your application and is non-refundable,      even if you aren’t admitted to the school.)
     • Any of the Following Certificates international students must obtain and submit to the school (required score from one of the following exams will depend on the school to which applicant applies):
• •YOS •SAT 1 (Scholastic Aptitude Test) • ACT (National College Admission Examination) •Abitur •French Baccalaureate •GCE, A level certificate (at least in two subjects) •International Baccalaureate (IB) •Mature Certificate •Tawjihi Examination held in Jordan and Palestine •Baccalaureate Examination held in Lebanon •Al Shahada-Al Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate) Examination held in Syria • Gaokao held in The People's Republic of China • Diploma Debirestan and Pisdanesgahi held in Iran

Please note that YOS (International Student Examination) exam, of which scores are valid for two years, will be applied by some of the universities. They will prepare YOS on their own terms. The others might use a different set of admission criteria. Instead of YOS, they might ask the above mentioned exams. You should follow the latest announcements at www.studyinturkey.com or the official websites of the universities.  

Please make sure to send your application to each university well before the application deadline.
Application deadlines

All documents regarding the application should be submitted to the Admissions Office before the specific dates stated at the websites of the universities. Common deadline for undergraduate applications is before the 1st of August. 

Most universities encourage international students to contact them at least one year before they plan to enter that school. Then they could have a plenty of time to fulfil the requirements on time. 


Quotas for international student applications for the Academic Year 2012-2013 will be announced when it is determined by the Council of Higher Education (YOK). There are limited quotas for international applicants to each of the undergraduate programs in any university. Faculties have the right not to fulfil the quotas.

Application results

Applications of candidates are evaluated according to their exam results, high school GPAs, and other documents relevant to the success of the student. Meeting the application criteria does not guarantee admission to the programs.

Successful applicants will receive their acceptance letters through email and regular post, usually in the mid-August. These students will use this acceptance letter to get a Student Visa from the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate. This visa is required for entering the country and registration to the university.
The dates of registration and the required documents for registration will be sent with their acceptance letters. Also, they will be announced in the university's official web page before registration period. 

Please note that you should always contact the department or program to which you have applied for questions about application deadlines, your application, or its status.

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