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History and Location

Dream about studying in İstanbul at a university of the world.

Maltepe University is the latest chain of the successful educational history of Marmara Education Institutions, which initiated its education with the motto “From Kindergarten to University” in 1991. The University initiated its education in the buildings provided by the Foundation by admitting late-registered students in 1997.

MU, which is made up of 9 faculties, 2 vocational schools and 3 institutes, is currently rendering an invaluable service with its scientific researches and publications.

The University has brought together distinguished and experienced academics to form its academic staff, and thanks to their efforts it has taken its place in the Turkish University system in high esteem.

Located in the center of the old world, Istanbul is one of the world's great cities famous for its historical monuments and magnificent scenic beauties. It is the only city in the world which spreads over two continents: it lies at a point where asia and europe are separated by a narrow strait - the bosphorus. Istanbul has a history of over 2,500 years, and ever since its establishment on this strategic junction of lands and seas, the city has been a crucial trade center.

Since Istanbul is the european capital of culture in 2010, it is needless to talk about the dynamic life and the variety of cultural activities in this unique and fascinating city with its history and amazing sites.  And the county of Maltepe, where the university gets its name, draws some attention as one of the many small city centers within istanbul. Maltepe is one of Istanbul's new counties. Maltepe is located at the north part of Istanbul , surrounded with other counties Kadikoy, Sancaktepe, Kartal and Marmara sea. 
The oldest recorded residency in the county (Maltepe) is bryas which is supposed to have been located in the area between Maltepe and Cevizli according to the byzantine's records. It is considered that Maltepe was named by a tumulus which was found in the county. The old greek word “Maltepe” means "mound which is used to save treasure or other valuable things in it”

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Education

- English Language Teaching
- Primary Education Mathematics Program
- Preschool Education
- Guidance and Psychological Counselling (English)
- Teacher Education for Gifted Children
- Teacher Education for Handicapped Children

Faculty of Science and Letters

- Philosophy 
- Psychology ( English)
- Social Service
- Sociology (English)

Faculty of Fine Arts

- Acting (Admission Through Aptitude Test)

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

- Banking and Finance(English)
- Economics
- Business Administration
- International Relations and European Union ( English)
- International Trade and Logistics ( English)

Faculty of Communication

- Journalism
- Visual Communication and Design( Admission Through Aptitude Test)
- Public Relations and Publicity(English)
- Radio, Cinema and Television

Faculty of Architecture

- Architecture (English)
- Interior Design ( Admission Through Aptitude Test)
- Nautical Design

Faculty of Engineering

- Computer Engineering ( English)
- Electric- Electronic Engineering(English)
- Industrial Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Software Engineering ( English)
- Energy Systems Engineering

Faculty of Medicine

Nursing School


Vocational School

- Computer Programming
- Child Development
- Public Relations and Publicity
- Radio and TV Programming
- Edition and Publishing Technologies
- Tourism and Hotel Management

Postgraduate Programs

Department of Philosophy

- PhD Program in Philosophy

Department of Economics

- PhD Program in Economics

Department of Communication Sciences

- Doctoral Programs in Communication Sciences

Department of Private Law

- PhD Program in Private Law

Department of Psychology

- PhD Program in Psychology

Department of Sociology

- PhD Program in Sociology

Institute of Science

Department of Computer Engineering

- PhD Program in Computer Science

Department of Architecture

- PhD Program in Architecture

International Relations

We have Erasmus extended Charter and have bilateral agreements with EU universities in all our programs. Maltepe University also has 8 bilateral agreements with different universities around the globe.

Admissions Criterias for Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Annual Tuition Fee

Scholarship Options

Accommodation Options

The student residence halls and other facilities on the campus of Marmara Education Village are located among the pine trees at the very heart of nature, and are just in 25 -minute distance to downtown Maltepe. The halls, have an accommodation capacity of over 504 students and are three-storeys each, with 2 flats on each floor facing one another. The accommodation comprises of flats for either two or three students with each having their own single or shared study bedroom and shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. All flats have 24-hour hot water, kitchens, bathrooms and a common recreation room. 

Students can also benefit from a prepaid landline and for those who care to bring their own laptops can also benefit from wireless internet free of charge. Heating, electricity and water bills are also included in the fee. Cost of meals are not included in the room fee. The students who are staying at the halls are given beds, lockers, sleeping sets, pillows, blankets. Other equipment to be used (kettle, sandwich maker) should be provided by students.

Each room is furnished with an individual study desk, a wardrobe and a bed. Each flat, comprises of three rooms in which one or two students can be accommodated.   A private cleaning staff ensures that the rooms and all shared common spaces maintain a high level of hygiene. The dormitory book of regulations and the contracts are to be signed by the students when they register.

Campus Life

Maltepe university  also has 3 cinema halls  in its 5-star hotel (Marma congress center) located within the campus.

Maltepe university is famous with its free concerts open to university students and general public. Only in 2009 more than half a dozen of concerts (pop, rock, classical music and hollywood musicals) have been organised at its 1500 people capasity closed concert hall and 7520 people capacity open concert arena.  Some of the free concerts were performed by world famous turkish lead singers, like Sezen Aksu, Tuluyhan Ugurlu, Fazil Say;and orchestras like istanbul state symphony orchestra.

Many theater groups also perform at the free stages of Maltepe university.  Minnesota university conservatory has performed a broadway musical concert “from broadway to istanbul” on 8th of January 2010.

Students are welcome to join student clubs. 

Contact Details

2011 Marmara Eğitim Köyü 34857 Maltepe/İSTANBUL

 Phone : +90 216 626 1050/ ext.2589

E-mail : International Office

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