Girne American University


History and Location

Girne American University (GAU) was established in 1985 as the first University in Cyprus.  Innovation and commitment to excellence has resulted in GAU becoming the largest American University in Europe. 

GAU and Singapore currently offering programs at its campuses in Cyprus the United Kingdom (UK). In the near future these programs will also be available at GAU’s new campus in the United States of America. These international campuses are offering GAU students the unique opportunity to study abroad, transfer between campuses, experience different cultures and interact with students from around the world. 

What distinguishes GAU from other institutions is its American-style of higher education, its open-minded nature towards learning, its emphasis on classroom interaction, teamwork and research, and its goal to create the next generation of effective communicators and critical thinkers. GAU welcomes students as a partner in the educational experience by offering internationally recognized undergraduate, Master's Degree and PhD Programs.

In addition to the main degree programs, GAU also offers a Summer School program for a variety of age groups at its Cyprus, UK and Singapore campuses.

Girne American University has taken its rightful place amongst other internationally recognized universities.  With the motto ‘One World One University” GAU undertakes the mission of offering an international vision towards the future careers of its students.

Undergraduate Programs

     • Faculty of Business & Economics
     • Faculty of Engineering
     • Faculty of Education
     • Faculty Of Communications
     • Faculty of Humanities
     • Faculty Of Law
     • Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts

Vocational School

     • School of Sports
     • Marine School
     • School of Aviation
     • School of Tourism & Hospitality
     • School of Performing Arts

Postgraduate Programs

Graduate School

     • Master’s of Science in Psychological Counseling
     • Master’s of Science in Health Psychology
     • Master’s of Science in Aplied Social Psychology

International Relations

“One World One University”
Girne American University offers international accredited degree programs, an American style education system which follows the latest education techniques and a choice of campuses around the world: 

• Cyprus
• UK   
• Singapore

Students of Girne American University have a unique opportunity to study in different campus locations for one semester or one academic year. 

As the oldest and one of the most distinguished universities in North Cyprus, we have earned a number of international accreditations from recognized agencies and boards in Europe, North America and the region for our entire graduate and post graduate programs.  These accreditations include full recognition from The Council of Higher Education of Turkey (YOK), The Higher Education Accreditation and Inspection Council of North Cyprus (YODAK), the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) through recognition by The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education of USA (IACBE), the Federation of the Universities of Islamic World (FUIW), the European Council for Business Education (ECBE), the UNESCO based International Association of Universities (IAU), the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (NARIC UK), the TedQual-WTO Quality in Tourism Organization, The European Council of International Schools of the European Union (ECIS), The International Association of Business Computing of the United Kingdom (IABC), The European Council for Business Education of the European Union (ECBE), the International Federation for Business Education of USA (IFBE), and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

We have also received local accreditations from a lot of different countries including some from the Middle East region such as U.A.E., the Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan and many others.

Admissions Criterias for Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Annual Tuition Fee

Scholarship Options

New registering international students who will be registering with GAU for Associate, Bachelor or Master studies during the academic year 2011-2012 have a unique opportunity to benefit from the 50% Tuition Fee Reduction. For additional scholarship opportunities, email to

Accommodation Options

Girne American University (GAU) has three dormitories available for students, two for girls and one for boys. For students staying at the dormitories it is very easy to get around as university buses run from early morning until 9pm between every dormitory, the university and the local town centre.  All the dormitories offer some of the latest technologies, are clean and rated to a high standard. Detailed information about each of the dormitories can be found below and via the GAU website at:

Dormitory fees ranges between 1650 EUR – 3100 EUR per academic year of two semesters. Fee are dependent on the dormitory type, room option etc.  A refundable deposit of 300 EUR should be paid prior to the arrival at the university.

Campus Life

Girne American University is a small community with students and employees from all over the world. The Multicultural Center (MCC) aims to reflect this attribute in all of its activities. We encourage our students to get involved in these activities in order to learn about each others cultures. The MCC guides its students through integration by offering counseling sessions, projects and programs about diversity and multiculturalism, and workshops to improve communication, social and personal skills.

International students have their own societies. The International Student Union (ISU) organizes social activities to support international students. It has a role of gathering international students and other international students’ societies (e.g. Nigerian Students’ Society) under one umbrella.

ISU’s primary mission is to provide a friendly atmosphere to students by bringing together many groups of people from various cultures.

Contact Details

Üniversite Cd.P.K 5, Girne/KKTC

Phone : +90 392 650 20 00 

E-mail : International Relations

Web :

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