Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bahcesehir University, Enver Yücel Speaks on USA Congress

Chairman of The Board of Trustee of Bahcesehir University and President of the BAU International University Enver Yucel, continues his contacts in capital of United States, Washington DC.
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Yucel, participated as a speaker held in United States Congress on panel about the 'Role of Education in the New Economy'.

For the first time, where a Turkish university and members of Congress, academics, bureaucrats, think-tanks representatives, and members of the press attended the congress workers, Enver Yucel speaks at the meeting and he pointed out that the economic decisive factor is main growth for education.

Enver Yucel express that his life goes by research on education systems in Turkey and in the world and by taking initiatives to conduct in these areas;  "There are two important reasons in the economic growth processes of education in the country's.

First, by increasing the ability of people generally more productive and earn their wages and incomes would increase.

Secondly, for all countries to increase the GNP, the globalization means, in ability to compete effective to offer innovative products and services in international markets, “he said.


Yücel indicates, The world is in pain with uncounted happenings like migration, pandemics, terrorism, environmental pollution, political and economic crises and the fact that the world is  going towards the fragmented and mainly divided experienced in ethical framework.

He said that these experienced happenings takes people away from each other, makes insensitive and foreign to each other, and he indicates that it makes even enemy, "the real cure for all this happened, all countries, all of us; problems that are facing our common denominator solution is education.

We started to look solution at education, into poverty by the economic crisis culture of peace to the very common problem of the world,. Today any problems, how is the whole issue of the common problems of all humanity basic solution is education.”

He indicates, when you are agree on the solution, but the motion pass too late and he said, " We want production-based education which is carrying the the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial.

In this way, economies renew themselves; we want to get abundant production. They are performing to reduce costs, to avoid problems; to prevent illness without disease measures should be produced.

Not only the production but also the direction, the reason and the amount of consumption, should also be questioned.

Today our greatest expectations from education is ensure people for be armed with culture of living together. Because today problems are linked at this point.”


Yücel indicates that, none of the leaders have right to engage and hate who aspire to govern their country, "Enmity and hate speeches; is maybe the power to make them work in their country; but they will be in the long term severed from the world and will darken the future of the people. Leaders should use common world language more. Class-books must always be cleared.

Our children; should read friendship not the hostility, but their country can boast of course with the heroes in the books; common life in their education, they should developed a strong confidence for the future.

With their beliefs and their freedom they will spice up the world and life; they learn to share in the relationship with all civilized humanity."


Yücel indicates, that there are in Turkey 1 million 600 thousand Syrians and the asylum seekers from Iraq, all the number of immigrants that Europe is hosting, is 400 thousand. This example underlines that even experienced enough to explain the size of the drama.

Yucel said, "As Bahcesehir University, we've done the research, on children took refuge from the war in our country. Results are deplorable. In all paintings of children there are frame of weapons, blood, tears. These children should be educated.  There are 50 thousand young people that left his college or university. 600 faculty members were obliged to leave the university over and had taken refuge in our country.

I propose to provide an education for continuation on their university life in Turkey's safe haven. As you can appreciate this topic should not only Turkey's problem.”


Enver Yucel refers on Al-Aqsa Mosque cases and said, "What is made in the Al-Aqsa Mosque that 1 billion 300 million people holy place means, play with their beliefs. How can we disappear tomorrow the hate that this happening left? What is the gain of the persons that have given the order causing these happenings?

Are the people that create this aggression as that belong to a civilization, aware what they leave for future? People are brothers; no one has the right to throw hostility seeds between them. Therefore, in Jerusalem who scares people with weapons in the mosque, cannot be a representative of a civilization. Such attitude of responsible and guilty is neither people nor civilizations. Leaders that representing the nation, should act that they are responsible against as their communities as well as humanity and history.”


Yücel indicates that, at the beginning of this incident that threatens the world, with the living culture it could not be sufficiently internalized, he said, "Our hope and our expectation are that one day society, the resources allocated to armament will demand for more education. They will never forget that not wars but the education victories will save the humanity.

Every country that has grappled with education problems, will surely understand that he can’t get rid with weapon and will leave this way.All human; will learn and succeed to meet on humanity’s common values, and to respect each other.Our expectation is not much more: Our children grow in health, well-educated and live in peace.”