First Virtual Reality Lab of Turkey Opened by Bahcesehir University!

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Crytek and Bahçeşehir University united their sources to take the first step regarding the Virtual Reality (VR) Technology in Turkey. The center opened in Turkey within the VR First program initiated by Crytek. It will be a technology hub for the VR developers and entrepreneurs having innovative ideas. 

First Virtual Reality (VR) Center of Turkey set up as a fruit of the cooperation between Crytek and Bahçeşehir University. VR First Program was globally launched today with a press meeting in Bahçeşehir University Galata Campus. The center is open to the use of young developers and entrepreneurs who would like to turn their innovative ideas into reality by making use of the VR technology which is expected to mark the next decade and reach a market growth of 20 billion dollar by the year 2020. 

 The goal is to reveal the potential of the Virtual Reality (VR) technology, raise awareness and provide the required professional equipment to the VR developers within the framework of the cooperation. The participants will be able to develop projects thanks to the CRYENGINE technology making use of the latest technology and VR equipment with the support of big companies like AMD, Logitech and MSI in this center located in Bahçeşehir University Galata Campus.

The founding president and the CEO of Crytek Cevat Yerli stated as follows:  “We are honored to take the first step of the VR First Program with Bahçeşehir University in Turkey. Thanks to the know-how to be gained in this center, we aim to enable the students, researchers and developers to materialize projects making use of the VR technology in cooperation with the other academic institutions in Turkey and across the world. The current VR technology enables us to use the power of CRYENGINE and offer unique and impressive experiences. We are looking forward to seeing what the VR developers will come up with by making use of all the facilities provided to them in this center within the VR First Program.” 

Bahçeşehir University (BAU), an international educational institution with its campuses and centers in a number of countries will be the first point of attraction focusing on VR in the region. Bahçeşehir University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Enver Yücel made the following statement: Using Virtual Reality (VR) in a various realm especially education and turning into a part of our lives will be indispensible. With the cooperation between Crytek and Bahçeşehir University, first Virtual Reality Center of Turkey is becoming operationalized in Bau Communication Faculty- Galata campus. Two institutions will exchange expertise on game design and development as an intersection of their goals and secondly, they will move on R&D work geared towards with simulations and experiences including games for the health sciences and education industry with projects called Serious Games. The syllabus to be developed together, know-how transfer and R&D work will be a vital impetus not only for those institutions but also for Turkey to learn the industry, produce and further develop.” 

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About Crytek 

Crytek is an independent game developer, publisher and technology provider based in Frankfurt operating in 8 studios across the world. Crytek, founded in 1999 has produced a series of award- winning productions such as as Cry, Crysis series, Ryse: Son of Rome and Warface. All those games were developed making use of the 3 d game technology CRYENGINE of Crytek that pushes the boundaries. Moreover, this technology is the first preferences of many developers and license holders to carry their games to the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Wii UTM, iOS and Android platforms. The development of Crytek in the game services enables the company to offer the high quality experience provided to the players on its online platforms, as well. 

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About BAU 

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