Sabanci University Microelectronics Workshop

Microelectronics Technology, Circuits, and Systems for Space Applications Workshop 
June 15-17 2015 Sabanci University Istanbul Turkey

We are organizing a Microelectronics Workshop that focuses on microelectronics, from technology to circuits and systems perspective, and its applications on sensing and processing electronic systems for space applications.

Ever increasing space applications are demanding more challenges to be met by microelectronics technology/circuits/systems, especially for autonomous, flexible and reliable systems in space. In this workshop, we aim to address some of following challenges through invited lectures given by world-renowned experts in their respective fields from academia, industries and research institutions. Online registration will be open until June 12th.

Main Topics

  • Radar and Communication Technologies
  • Electro-Optical Imaging Systems: Technology and Applications
  • Micro and Nano Technologies
  • Terahertz Technology and Systems
  • Packaging, Testing and Qualification

Each talk includes a brief tutorial, current state of the art and future vision of the respective topic and will be interest to technology leaders/managers, engineers, researchers, academicians and students from around the world. Additionally, with taking place in poster session each author will have chance to present their outcome, and share the results of their product. 

The workshop will be at Sabanci University campus in Tuzla - Istanbul, Turkey.

Contact person for details: Prof. Yasar Gurbuz //

Website of Microelectronics Workshop 2014

Check out photos from the previous event:

Call for Abstracts for Poster Session

Sabanci University Microelectronics Workshop will include poster presentations as well as presentations of invited speakers. Poster presentations will give chance of detailed description on presented work, with one-to-one discussion between authors and workshop attendees.

The purpose of this call is to encourage researchers to present their work that are representing recent and state of the art results and new challenges in defined field of research topics.

Take part in the poster sessions: submit an abstract for a poster presentation alongside our invited plenary program. To present your latest research at the Workshop, please submit your abstracts by March 30th 2015.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Yasar Gurbuz, Sabanci University
Deniz Demirci, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries
Oguz Altun, Aselsan A.S.
Erdal Sayginer, Aselsan A.S.
Melik Yazici, Sabanci University

Scientific Committee

Prof. Goutam Chattopadhyay, NASA-JPL, Caltech, USA
Prof. John Cressler, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Prof. Yasar Gurbuz, Sabanci University, Turkey (Organizer)
Prof. Antoni Rogalski, Military University of Technology, Poland
Prof. Hermann Schumacher, University of Ulm, Germany
Prof. Bernd Tillack, IHP-Microelectronics, University of Berlin, Germany

You can visit the webpage for the details.