Strategic Collaboration Agreement Between Kadir Has University & Coventry University

KHU is initiating a wide ranging strategic collaboration with Coventry University which covers joint undergraduate and graduate programs, student and academic personnel exchange as well as joint summer schools and research projects.
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One of the leading universities of the UK, Coventry was voted the UK’s “Most Modern University” in 2014 while winning the 2011 Times Higher Education Awards for “Entrepreneurial University of the Year”.

The launch meeting and signature ceremony hosted by Can Has, Chairman of KHU Board of Trustees, Nuri Has, Chairman of the Kadir Has Foundation, and Prof. Mustafa Aydın, KHU Rector, was attended by Leigh Turner, UK Consul General, Margaret Jack, British Council Director for Turkey as well as members of the Board of Governors of Coventry University and the academic staff of KHU.

Within the scope of the strategic partnership between the two universities the following documents were signed: A wide-ranging Collaboration Protocol which encompasses joint undergraduate and graduate programs, joint research projects, student and academic exchange as well as joint summer schools. Protocols for dual degree programs in MBA in Global Business, MBA in Oil and Gas Management and MA in International Relations. A 4+1 Agreement which gives KHU graduates the opportunity of graduate study at Coventry. A wide-ranging Erasmus Agreement regarding student and administrative and academic personnel exchange, as well as an Additional Protocol which adds further subjects to the current undergraduate dual diploma program.

Within the framework of this partnership, for the first time in Turkey dual diplomas will be given in MBA in Global Business, MBA in Oil and Gas Management and MA in International Relations.

This series of agreements with Coventry University represents the first example of this kind of wide ranging agreement in Turkey. Accomplished following a year of consultations with Coventry University, the agreement also aims to add further projects to those currently being carried out between the two institutions under the scope of the EU Seventh Framework Programme.

Under this collaboration various new graduate programs, notably a Master of Science (MSc) in Bioinformatics and Genetics, MBA in International Human Resource Management, MBA in Global Financial Services and MBA in Hospitality & Tourism Management will also be initiated.

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